Special Medication Packaging

We specialize in packaging medication in blister packages. One simple rule that you have to follow on our blister card package, just check the calendar and see what date is today and follow the same date on blister card except PRN medication. Each blister will have drug information like Lot Number, Expiration Date.

Free Same Day Delivery

We deliver all our facilities on the same days as we know how important it is for your residents to start treatment.

DME Supply

We provide the DME Supplies at a very affordable price to your residents. If we don’t carry something that you need then we will find out for you where you can get it from at the cheapest price.

Medication Training

We provide Assistance with the self-administration of medication classes (2 Hours and 6 Hours) to your new and existing employees.


We provide Flu Vaccine to all of our Assisted Living Facility residents so that way they do not have to go out to get Flu Vaccine.